Perk Me Ups, PLLC

Decluttering Coach Joy Johnson

At Perk Me Ups, my goal is to empathize with, educate, and empower others to elevate their mental health and physical well-being.I've spent 10 years as a hospice RN helping people to die a better death. Now, I want to help others to live a better life by providing 1:1 coaching in decluttering and organizing of household belongings, training in isotonic supplements, breastfeeding, prenatal and infant nutrition, weight loss through a low glycemic diet, and access to licensed therapists in massage, reiki, and reflexology.As I assist in raising my Grandson who has NF1, autism, ADHD, and CVS while also caring for my Hubby's Mom who has dementia, I have become an expert in managing time constraints, emotional overwhelm, physical pain, and chronic fatigue.If you are also caught in the messy middle of the sandwich between caring for your children or grandchildren and your spouse or aging parents, then please join me on a journey as we eliminate the habits that are inhibiting our happiness and find the things that bring us natural joy.